Brewfest Volunteer Jobs

Volunteers, please arrive EARLIER than your scheduled time, as it will take you some time to get to the beach, and you will be mixed in with attendees who will be arriving early too!   Volunteers park in the regular parking. You will be asked to pay $5 to park, tell the attendant that you are a Volunteer and they will give you a ticket.  Bring that ticket to the VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN and you will be reimbursed the $5 for parking. Also, you will receive your free tee shirt (please wear this during your shift) and a lanyard that says “Volunteer”.  You can then report to your position.  At the end of your shift (no sampling allowed while you are working your shift) you can go back to the Volunteer desk, turn in your lanyard and receive a ticket for a free hot dog or hamburger at the Lions trailer.  *Bottled water is available at the volunteer desk anytime you need one.

IF YOU ARE SAMPLING (after your shift) – when you turn in your lanyard, you will also receive a Brewfest Sampling Glass  – enjoy the rest of your day!

*All those wishing to sample for the volunteer price of $5 MUST be pre-paid.  Contact the Chamber office no later than Wednesday, September 27th to make payment arrangements.  Anyone paying the “day of” will end up paying the current attendance fee of $40!

Job #01 – Brewfest Road Signs

Job #2 – Friday Set up & Heavy Work

Job #03 – U Haul

Job #04 – I.D. Checker

Job #05 – Hayes True Value

Job #06 – Trash & Water Bottles

Job #07 -Break Down

Job #08 -Bracelets

Job #09 – Handing out Glasses

Job #10 – Ticket Scanners

Job #11 – Runners & Escorts